Our approach

We are holistically invested in Shrewsbury.

We build with the intention that our homes add value to this beautiful market town.  Our design-led approach brings together architecture, craftsmanship, community and sustainability. 


We believe in building positive working relationships.  Recent developments have seen successful collaborations with Shropshire Council, the Environmental Agency, Network Rail, plus local historical and conservation groups. 

We engage with the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan, a collective vision and plan for the purposeful change and adaptation of our Town.

We are considerate of our neighbours:  residents, businesses and communities.  

We have worked closely with The Shrewsbury Ark – a local charity providing support and services for the homeless.  When the Ark opened a new facility close to Albury Place, our team volunteered their time and expertise to renovate the exterior of the building.  

Environmental conscience

Sustainability is at the forefront of our decision-making when building new homes.  We are very aware of the impact the construction industry has on our planet and the importance of reaching carbon-neutrality. 

Steps that we have taken:

  • recycling waste materials on site, including wood, metal and hardcore
  • reclaiming materials such as bricks and roof tiles
  • building on brownfield sites
  • asbestos removal at Lord Hill Gardens.

In the design of homes, we focus on:

  • thermal insulation
  • future-proof heating solutions
  • enriching the biodiversity of a site
  • reducing the carbon footprints of future home owners.

We stay abreast of government initiatives to reach NetZero and to support biodiversity net gain.


We were hugely impressed with the quality of development, fit out and workmanship, all exemplary.  You have certainly set a high bar for future development within the town.


Industry colleague - February 2022