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We are getting very excited about Old Coleham Court, our unique development coming soon to Coleham, SY3.  We will be able to share floors plans very soon.

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We are loving exploring Coleham and learning more about the charming village lifestyle.  In this friendly neighbourhood there are sports clubs and art classes, cosy local pubs and hip coffee shops, riverside walks, gallery viewings, and much more more. 

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Site update from Old Coleham Court

Aerial photos shows the fantastic location of the new development, at the end of Longden Coleham, SY3's vibrant local high street.

Coleham aerial photo

Over the summer the team finalised plans with our architects and construction partners.  Ground improvement, foundations and drainage are all near to completion.  The structural steel and podium deck are being fabricated off site and will be installed soon.

Coleham aerial photo

SY Homes has spent over two years working with the Environment Agency and Shropshire Council on extensive modelling and flood defence engineering. This state of the art development has been designed to withstand even the worst of floods that Coleham can encounter.

Coleham aerial photo

Loving life in Coleham!

There is no doubt that Coleham is a great place to live!  Here are a few our our favourite spots so far, but there is a lot more to discover.  Join us on Facebook where we are asking locals to share their recommendations!

House coffee Coleham

Coleham Mrs Jones

Finishing touches at The Shrubbery 

At SY Homes we build to an exacting standard, synonymous with excellence.  With renovations of The Shrubbery (Phase 1 of our Lord Hill Gardens development) now complete, we have been adding the finishing touches to ensure each home is perfect for the new owners. 

After the gorgeous herringbone parquet-effect wood floor was fitted, our carpentry team was on hand to ensure doors swung perfectly.

Local window cleaners ensured no dusty fingerprints or splashes of paint remained on the new windows. 

Our in-house designer work with one of the home buyers advising on cosy carpets and stunning wallpapers.  

Black estate-style railings add elegance and privacy to the garden landscaping.  

Lord Hill interior designLord Hill Gardens railings

And finally...  climbing Lord Hill's column

We have a real soft spot for Lord Rowland Hill, local hero and namesake of our Lord Hill Gardens development. 

For the past few years we have enjoyed giving away tickets for a fun, local experience; climbing to the top of the column. 

The team at BCHN Architects were our winners this year and enjoyed the views over Shrewsbury.


If you have any questions about SY Homes and our developments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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