Envisage, engineer, emerge

“Envisage, engineer, emerge” has been our mantra at SY Homes as we bring our vision for new residential apartments in Old Coleham, Shrewsbury to reality. 

After significant investment into architectural and engineering expertise, above-ground construction of our state-of-art building starts in November.


Once a terrace of Victorian cottages, our visionary team relished the opportunity to bring life back to this brownfield site.  Original designs for luxury apartment living were conceived with respected local designers to maximise the desirable location close to the heart of Coleham. 

Quattro Design Architects bridged the gap between concept and reality, using BIM (Building Information Modelling) and their vast experience to lead significant changes and multiple iterations to reach the most viable scheme.

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The riverside location required intensive engineering and SY Homes have united with an inspiring team of structural and civil engineers, construction consultants, groundwork engineers and experienced fabricators.  

Old Coleham Court has been designed and engineered on a steel frame rising from 500 cubic meters of concrete and set on 384 holding-down bolts.  The car park level will be well above the 1-in-30-year flood event levels.  The apartments are constructed at 4.7m above ground level.  

OCC steel frame

JPS Civil & Structural have worked with SY Homes for over three years and invested close to 400 hours of  expertise.  

JPS have provided structural analysis and calculations, 3D modelling and steel detailing, multidisciplinary coordination and design stage clash detection, and foundation and ground engineering design. 


When faced with the challenges of Old Coleham Court’s riverside location, Jonathon Paull of JPS explained:  “We worked closely with ground improvement contractors to develop a specialist ground improvement strategy.  This consolidates the loose ground material to provide a solid base for the building foundations.  

Furthermore, we developed the spec for the steelwork to ensure a robust frame and a corrosion protection system that will withstand the potential flood waters.”

AC Jackson

Local steel fabricators AC Jackson rose to the challenge of manufacturing the 250-tonne framework for the car park and podium levels.  Their skilled team brings over 30 years of experience to the project, an enviable level of knowledge and a passion for excellence. 

Over 60 hours of detailing was invested by ACJ in the frame fabrication design, which was dictated by the apartment layouts above, the water, waste and energy services, and the sizing requirements of the car park.

The curved design of the building added further complexity.  The 15-strong workshop spent over 2,000 plus man hours on fabrication as almost every beam required precision cutting to a unique angle - only four assemblies are repeated in the entire design.  Over 20,000 holes were drilled / profiled. 

Each steel member is coated with a primer ready for an intumescent paint which fulfils the highest priority of fire protection. 

“In terms of scale, logistics and ambition, Old Coleham Court is unique to any building in Shrewsbury and the wider area!” said James Weaver, Director at AC Jackson and local Shrewsbury resident.

OCC steel frame


With groundwork engineering and foundations complete, the pre-fabricated steel frame will be assembled on site in November.  The car park level will be demarcated, well above 1 in 30 year flood event levels.  The apartments are constructed at 4.7m above ground level.  Visible will be the gently curved frontage which follows the line of the original terrace, anchoring the new building to its past.

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Old Coleham Court is the most exciting new residence in Shrewsbury.