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Embracing Full Fibre Broadband

If you’re lucky enough to moving into a new build property, you’d expect to have all the services and mod cons to enable you to live in the 21st century. That’s why Shrewsbury property developers, SY Homes, have made a policy decision to install Openreach’s Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) across each and every one of their future developments.

Wayne Sidell, Managing Director of SY Homes explains that ultrafast broadband is an essential part of every new home that they build, “we feel that ultrafast broadband is a necessity in our customers’ day-to-day lives, seemingly almost as much as the usual services such as water and electricity.”

Wayne continues, “it’s apparent that with today’s lifestyles, people are consuming more bandwidth than ever before through applications such as Netflix, YouTube and online gaming. The installation of FTTP ensures that our homes are future-proofed for generations to come.”

“If SY Homes didn’t offer FTTP, we feel that there would be a real danger of losing sales, as it’s a definite factor in the decision process when buying a new home.”

SY Homes’ Old Coleham Court development, due to start in November 2019

“FTTP is being installed at all properties on SY Homes’ current development at Albury Place in St Michaels Street and will also be installed in our future planned developments at Old Coleham Court and The Lord Hill Hotel in Shrewsbury.”

“All of this demonstrates the ongoing commitment of SY Homes to our customers and our vision of high specification homes with market-leading designs.”

Wayne concludes that, “SY Homes considers access to ultrafast broadband, with download speeds of more than 300mbps, as a fantastic selling point. We have a great working relationship with Openreach, but they are having to work hard to change housing developers’ views on installing Fibre To The Premises. This is perhaps surprising, especially as Openreach install FTTP for free on new developments with 30+ plots.”

Openreach information for developers:

Find out how to register your development with Openreach at: https://www.openreach.com/fibre-broadband/fibre-for-developers/registering-your-site

Remember to talk to Openreach at least six months before you want broadband up-and-running.

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